Chef at large tours are small groups of like-minded, adventurous travelers that want more than the cookie cutter variety of organized tour. Here’s a brief description of some of them.

Within continental Europe’s westernmost nation is everything the adventurous traveler could want. From the 1500’s to 1975 this little maritime powerhouse created a global empire including its’ own colonies and a number of places where the Portuguese imprint is visible to this day. Like the British Empir, that of Portugal was one upon which the sun never set.

On the Culinary and Cultural Tour of Portugal, we’ll explore castles, museums, churches, the World Heritage city of Porto, a National Park and Lisbon, the heart of it all. Over the course of 13 unforgettable days you’ll see and stay in palaces, historic hotels and fishing villages. You’ll hear Fado music in exciting settings and visit and shop in food and flea markets.
And speaking of the food! No one puts together a culinary outing like The Chef at Large. Authentic regional dishes, seafood, and pastries and wine! Most meals are served family style so you’ll get to experience a wide variety of non-tourist menus and foods included in the cost of the tour.

At this crossroads of east and west, Christianity and Islam you’ll find it all.
The Culinary and Cultural Tour of Hungary is 14 days of history, architecture, art, churches and synagogues. We’ll visit castles, museums and the Opera House and stay in palaces and traditional inns. You’ll see the Lippizaner horses and explore and swim in caves. We’ll go to the Holy city of Esztergom, take a ferry on the Danube, visit Lake Balaton, go to the Central Market Hall in Budapest and hear Klezmer music up close and personal.

As always, the food and drink will be memorable. We’ll have plenty of traditional Hungarian foods like goose liver, stews, duck and smoked trout sandwiches made by the Chef at Large himself. We’ll have Hungarian wines to wash it down. And for dessert we’ll eat Europe’s most delicious pastries and coffee in world famous, historic coffee houses. When you’ve had enough to eat we’ll relax at several of the renowned Turkish Baths!

Who knew that Oahu had so much more to offer than beaches and warm weather? The Chef at Large knew and he wants to take you there to see for yourself. During 9 fun and food filled days we’ll see America’s only palace, as well as botanic gardens, ancient fishponds, and surfers at the Banzai Pipeline. We’ll visit the farmers markets, hike Diamond Head and of course, Pearl Harbor one of our greatest and most poignant landmarks.

But on the Culinary and Cultural Tour of Oahu we won’t just be running around. We’ll go to several beaches and there will be leisure time to go to the beach or shop on your own. And of course, we’ll eat well.
The variety and quality of Asian food will thrill you. We’ll eat Chinese in Chinatown, have Thai, Japanese, Sushi, and of course genuine Hawaiian. We’ll eat at some of Hawaii’s justifiably famous food trucks, and we’ll have unique island treats like shave ice, malasadas (mouth-watering Portuguese style donuts) and purple yam pancakes! And as always, most meals will be family style and included in the cost of the tour! Aloha, baby.